Camila Cagle, REALTOR®, Notary

Meet Camila, a real estate agent and notary with  Ann Jones Real Estate. She prides herself on being detail oriented at acquiring all of the information needed for a real estate transaction. She also excels in marketing, particularly through her strong presence on social media.

Camila personally understands the challenges associated with moving to a new place. Nine years ago, she and her 15-year-old daughter moved internationally to Brownwood, TX, and have succeeded in all respects. Camila has a loving family and home, where she lives with her husband, Thomas, and their 7-year-old Sophia. She also has 2 adult daughters, one of whom is a civil engineer and the other who is a computer engineer.

Camila Cagle is a Ph.D. holder, professional educator, translator/interpreter, and notary. Prior to joining Ann Jones Real Estate, she worked as an instructor at Ranger College in Ranger, TX. “My unique life experiences help me understand my clients’ challenges of relocating, whether moving across town or out of state.”

Camila is multilingual, diverse, and multifaceted. She is a Russian American with a rich heritage, solid professional background, and American spirit.

Whether working with clients, loan originators, contractors, or fellow REALTORS®, Camila’s goal is to prove that her word is trustworthy, ethical, and genuine. You will experience a high level of service culminating in a successful transaction!

Areas of service: Brownwood, Lake Brownwood, Early, Bangs, Blanket, Comanche, May, and Brookesmith.  
Camila's Real Estate Pledge

  • I freely pledge to pursue my calling as a real estate professional. 
  • Protecting and promoting my clients will be my first consideration.
  • I will continually learn and strive to better myself in knowledge and expertise. 
  • I will in all ways do my utmost to help people with buying and selling their homes. 
  • I pledge to be honest at all times and to treat appropriately the confidential information confided in me by my clients.
  • I will never give preference in my professional services based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, sexual orientation, or disability. 
  • I recognize that this profession is equally about relationships and people as it is about real estate and law. 
  • Passion for my vocation, love for the people I meet, and dedication to this oath will define my life's work.
Do you have any specific questions about real estate services? Camila can help you buy or sell your home with a comprehensive strategy designed for you.